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Aiming at more convincing "Human Resources utilization"

Human Resources Development consulting in the Philippines

MOC between Japan and the Philippines

Major contents

(Japan side)

  • Approval of supervising organization/technical intern training plan.
  • When received information on the revocation of Approved Sending Organizations, to make such information publicly available in Japan.
  • To accept only those technical intern trainees of the Philippines who are sent by Approved Sending Organizations.
  • When revoking the license etc against a supervising organization or implementing organization, notify the results to the Philippines.

(Philippine side)

  • Execution of approval of Sending Organization properly.
  • With understanding the purpose of the program and select implementing organization.
  • Implementation of employment placement assistance and other support so that returnees can use skills etc.
  • Do not collect deposit, do not make penalty contract.
  • Do not violate human rights against technical intern trainees.
  • When revoking approval against a supervising organization, notify the results to Japan.
  • When receiving notice about inappropriate sending organization from Japan, investigate and deal appropriately. Notify the result to Japan.