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One World Club Membership contract

Article 1 (Purpose)
  1. “One World Club” (hereinafter referred to as “the Club”) is established for the purpose of providing useful information of ASEAN countries to members.
Article 2 (Enrollment)
  1. Anyone who belongs to a company, corporation, organization, etc can join the club.
  2. Those who wish to join this club agree to this terms and conditions, enter necessary information from the One World club enrollment site, apply to the secretariat, pay annual fee as stipulated in Article 5, complete registration. And you can qualify as a One World club member (hereinafter referred to as “the Member”) from the time you receive the notice by e-mail.
Article 3 (Types of Membership)
  1. There are two types of membership programs as below, the Club will notify the certificate of membership to each member by email according to the type of membership.
    ・(1)Regular member
    ・(2)VIP member
Article 4 (Annual fee)
  1. The membership fee of the Club corresponding to the valid term specified in Article 6 shall be determined according to the membership type as follows.
    ・(1)Regular member  500PHP per month
    ・(2)VIP member 1,500PHP per month
  2. When paying services that require payment other than membership fee are made, our company separately specifies the fee and notifies the Members.
  3. The Members shall pay the updated membership fee when the term of validity is renewed.
  4. The Members shall pay membership fees etc. by the time specified by our company according to the method prescribed by our company and agree that they will be settled with the designated settlement method.
  5. Our company will not return membership fees etc to the Members regardless of the reason.
  6. In case of changing type of membership, our company shall collect the membership fee of the newly changed type of membership.
Article 5 (Validity Period)
  1. The validity period of membership qualification shall be one month from the 1st of every month until the end of the month. In addition, even if you enroll in the middle of the validity period, the end date of the validity period will not change. Also, membership fee will not be discounted.
Article 6 (Membership qualification · Membership type renewal · change · deregistration)
  1. Unless the Member or the Company refuses renewal thirty days prior to the expiration of the validity period, the term of validity under the preceding Article shall be renewed for one month and the same shall apply thereafter.
  2. Membership number allocated to each member shall be continued every month.
  3. If payment can not be confirmed by the due date, it will automatically become “Regular member” type, but you can not receive the services until payment is confirmed. In addition, if full one year has past consecutively from the due date on which payment could not be confirmed, membership registration will be automatically canceled.
  4. If you wish to change the membership type, newly changed membership type would be applied from 1st of the desired month by sending the change of membership type from the membership homepage from the day of 20 of previous month before the change desired month to the day of 19 of the month before the change desired month.
Article 7 (Method of paying membership fee)
  1. The method of paying membership fee is only PAYPAL settlement. You will be responsible for payment when payment fee occurs.
  2. The payment due date of membership fee shall be 20th of every month.
Article 8 (Change of notification matters)
  1. The Member shall promptly change from the membership homepage if there is a change in the notification matters (address, name, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.). The Club will not burden any responsibility if the notice of e-mail etc. has not reached due to not being notified.
Article 9 (Membership benefits)
  1. The Member can receive the membership benefit specified by the Club as follows.
    ・(1)Regular members can view members-only websites and receive information distribution services via e-mail.
    ・(2)VIP members can view members-only websites, receive information distribution services via e-mail and consulting services provided by us.
  2. According to the circumstances of the Club, membership benefits may be changed or canceled without notice.
Article 10 (Member’s Rights)
  1. The Members do not have any rights or claims on the assets etc. of the Club.
Article 11 (Prohibited matters)
  1. The Members shall not use membership benefits for commercial or fraud purposes.
  2. The Members shall not transfer, buy, sell, provide collateral, etc. to third parties the rights of services etc received based on being members of the Club such as the membership benefits etc.
Article 12 (Change of terms and conditions of membership)
  1. The Club may change Terms and Conditions of membership as necessary. When the terms and conditions of membership are changed, the Club shall notify the Members accordingly in a proper manner without delay.
Article 13 (Withdrawal from membership)
  1. The Members can withdraw from the Club at any time by performing predetermined procedures and at the same time lose those rights. The membership fee paid once will not be refunded regardless of any reasons.
Article 14 (Loss of membership qualification)
  1. The member shall lose membership qualification in the following cases.
    ・(1)In case of violation of the Terms and Conditions of membership
    ・(2)In case of not being able to follow the instructions of the secretariat
    ・(3)In case of making false notifications to the Club upon application for membership or change of registered items
    ・(4)In case of not paying the membership fee by the deadline stipulated when renewing your membership qualification
    ・(5)In case of hurting or possibly harming the honor or credibility of the Club
    ・(6)In case of inappropriate as memberships
  2. In case of losing your membership pursuant to the preceding paragraph, the Club may refuse re-entry.
Article 15 (Termination of the Club)
  1. The Club may terminate this Club without notice even during the valid period of membership qualification. Even if terminating in the middle of the validity period, membership fee paid once will not be refunded.
Article 16 (Personal Information)
  1. The Club collects and uses the members’ personal information only to the extent necessary for membership management and management of the Club and to the extent necessary for the operation of One World Human Resources Development Inc., and the information is not disclosed to third parties and not provided unless there is agreement of the Member himself/herself.
    However, in the case of each of the following items, personal information can be disclosed to third parties without prior consent of the Members.
    ・(1)In case disclosure is required based on laws and regulations
    ・(2)In case of necessary for the protection of human life, body or property
    ・(3)In cases where it is necessary to cooperate in carrying out the affairs prescribed by laws and regulations by a national institution or a local public entity or a person entrusted with it
  2. In case a member withdraws the Club, we will discard the member’s personal information at the end of the following fiscal year.
  3. In the event that there is a request for disclosure, correction, deletion, suspension or elimination of personal information from the member himself/herself, the Club will respond to such requests without delay after verifying the identity.
Article 17 (Secretariat)

The One World club secretariat will be set up at One World Human Resources Development Inc.
Address: Room207,Elements Building, No.560 Quezon Avenue, Tatalon Quezon City, Philippine
Telephone: +63 2-251-9590

1st July 2018