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Execution of Technical Intern Training Act

Technical Intern Training Act was executed in Nov 2017.

It was enacted to strengthen the original intent of the technical internship program, strengthen the management supervision system, and to protect technical intern trainees. With the program review,

 ①Elimination of sending organization for inappropriate interns
 ②Strengthen intern program and clarify responsibility
 ③Supervision by authorized corporation
 ④Penalties for human rights violation acts, etc. and the change of intern training place
 ⑤Guidance and supervision by administrative agencies, and strengthening collaboration is the major pillars.

Blow are expanded to good supervising organizations, technical intern training program practitioners
 ①Training period:3 years ⇒ 5 years
 ②Increased technical intern trainee quotas for excellent supervising organizations and implementing organizations
 ③Expansion of approved occupations

You can also check from JITCO website for more details.