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Aiming at more convincing "Human Resources utilization"

Human Resources Development consulting in the Philippines


Normally, in order to measure "intelligence" or "personality", it is necessary to conduct two or more tests. However, the UK test can measure both "ability when people work (action)" and "features when demonstrating their abilities”. Also, since it is not a test to answer tasks or questions, it is difficult for the examinee to deliberately manipulate the result, and because it is not restricted by the languages, it is also possible for foreigners to take the test.

No restriction by language, Less influence by cultural difference
Recommended for the adoption of foreign workers!

Test contents

・Work with paper and pencil, and load to examinees.

・Difficult to deliberately manipulate the result.

・Less influence by language and cultural difference.

Correspond to a wide range of examinees

Can be carried out at any time if there is paper and pencil.

Widely used from adoption to placement/education

The test results are basically unchanged.